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12 Years Experience as an AR Notary Public. Over 5000 Clients Served.

Hello, We are Rogers Mobile Notary. Here's a little about us.

We Notarize any documents to ensure the integrity of the signer. We verify the identity of the signer by requiring a State issued photo ID. Examples of some documents that usually need a notary seal can be loan documents, deeds of trust, court documents, affidavits to power of attorney. We are a mobile notary service and will go to any location to notarize your documents such as home, work, jails, or other meeting places.

You may wonder what is a notary public is? A Notary Public is appointed with the State to act as a public servant in the witness of signing documents. Such documents include: Loan documents, Affidavits, Court paperwork, Small Claims, Deeds of Trust as well as Power of Attorneys. A notary public can notarize any document, to protect the interest of the clients. A notary verifies the execution of the signature with a state issued identification card. A notary verifies that the signature is the person sought out to sign the document and that it is done knowingly and willingly. This helps with the fraudulent execution of documents. A notary can refuse a notarization if he/she has a financial interest in the documents, or if it is determined that the signer doesn’t have a clear understanding of what the documents are. Notary public do not help with the preparation of documents.

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